December 04, 2013  

Point Blank Graduates’ EP Now Available on Armada Music

We’ve barely had a chance to dry our eyes since the end of the Academy of Electronic Music and already our seven finalists and official Point Blank graduates are all grown up and making a name for themselves in the big bad world of electronic music. The seven finalists joined Point Blank for four weeks of exclusive live hangouts focussing on our Electronic Music Composition course as well as being offered amazing advice from world-famous artists and industry experts. Now, they’ve graduated from Point Blank and are ready for the next stage of the Academy – having their tracks released on Armada Music. That special EP is now available for buy on iTunes!

Congratulations to the graduates – check out this brand new video from Armada Music showcasing the seven:

All seven finalists are destined for big things so make sure you get in early on the EP and keep track of their progress on their G+ pages: Ryan Signett, Pecarlo, Vlezz, Gabriel Levato ft. Edwan, Aaron Marz, Ramon Vincent and Adoriany. We’ll be following up with more info on the guys’ progress soon…

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