April 24, 2013  

East London Charity Event Dance For Decks! (25th April 2013)

In our continuing efforts to support local enterprises and events, we thought we’d shine a light on a charity event called Dance For Decks which aims to raise awareness and money for the St Mungo’s organisation. It’s a brilliant concept that aims to utilise the music scene here in London to aid the charity, which helps the homeless and it’s been set up by Lucy Taylor. So we thought it would be a great idea to speak to Lucy about the project and shine a light on a worthy cause, so here it is!…

Firstly, tell us a bit about yourself and your involvement with the music scene in London?

Hmmmm my involvement in the london music scene… until now, it’s been nothing more than on the dance floor or on the door. I have been in London for 13 years, so I guess I have been a part of many scenes over that time and seen it change a lot. Over the last 11 years I have seen the friends I made from my first season in Ibiza go from strength to strength in the music scene across the world, and I enjoy being able to party with, and support, them.

Why did you start up Dance For Decks?

I have been thinking about a charity event for a while now, my circle of friends is full of people with loads of talent, from make-up, fashion, art and of course music – and my own creativity comes from the point of view of how we can use those talents in different directions. I am currently studying for a Social Work degree and have come across St Mungos via that. The recovery college that they run is an amazing concept led by clients and staff that provide a series of courses on a term-to-term basis covering a massive range of topics. When I met the team involved I asked why there was nothing around electronic music and DJing – the answer was money; The equipment is expensive and that gave me the idea for Dance for Decks. Music is the common denominator for all of my social group – why we met, how met and where we meet up now – and, for a large number of people, how they earn their living by doing something that they love.

Did you find it easy to get it all off the ground?

It’s been a bit touch and go, and with only a few days to go I am nervous and excited for the actual event.

How did you go about organising it all? Did you have much help?

In the beginning I had the name and the idea, then I reached out to friends of mine that I thought would be up for getting involved, playing etc… and it just ran from there. My best friend, and housemate Charlotte, has helped me all the way through with contacts, press release, promotion and my panicking when we have come up against any little problems.

This is the first event I have arranged and so trying to get the right venue, with the right capacity, the right opening hours, and even knowing how to go about promoting it all by myself was a bit daunting. Thankfully Geddes offered to help me out and, with the help of him and his contacts, everything just clicked into place. The support from everyone involved has been amazing, the guys at Basing House have donated use of the venue, Resident Advisor helped us out loads with advertising and are donating the booking fee of all tickets sold. Another good friend of mine Jack designed me the artwork and the list goes on, with people such as yourselves, Ransom Note and Pulse promoting the event, articles, additional artwork .. it’s been a real joint effort and great to see people genuinely happy to give their time for a good cause.

You managed to get Craig Richards to play for the first one, how did that come about?

Naturally I am a big fan of Craig’s, musically and personally, so it’s an honour that he will be headlining the event. Charlotte is Craig’s agent so when it came to the ideal person to headline, Charlotte approached him and he was more than up for getting involved.

How about the rest of the line-up?

Geddes, Itchy Rich and Ollie are all really good friends of mine, so when I emailed them with the idea they were all happy to get involved and donate their time and talents, lucky to have such a great group of talented friends around me.

What are you hoping to achieve with the event?

First and foremost I want to raise awareness of St Mungos and the great work they are doing on the whole, as well as via the recovery college. Secondly, to raise enough money to supply the equipment that we hope to buy and finally for the event to be a success and fun with great music.

Will there be more?

YES! Or at this stage I should say hopefully, I would love to keep the concept going and raise funding for other organisation to gain access to DJ equipment and enable future programmes. They are so many youth groups, charities, organisations doing great work to develop skills and meaningful activities with the people they work with, but with funding cuts they are battling everyday to ensure that they can keep their services going whilst catering to what can be an vast and complex list of needs. Creative pursuits are often what drive people the most, but it’s hard to balance funding creativity against housing or food, for example.

If there’s anyone out there interested in getting involved or donating, how can they contact you?

For this event, the easy way to get involved is to grab a ticket on Resident Advisor or donate on the door and hit the dance floor.

Click here for tickets: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?469622

Finally, what do you make of the music scene in London at the moment? Where’s good to go around east London?

I am probably not out in London as much as I should be, especially with studying, volunteering and working but most recently I have enjoyed the ‘A Night With…’ events over at the Loft Studios in West London. [A concept where one DJ plays for eight hours all night]. For East London, the Lo*kee Music label launch that was held at the Dance Tunnel recently introduced me to another great venue. Lo*Kee holds a special place in my heart since the first one at the Candy Factory and they are good friends of mine so I love to see these boys doing so well. Love Fever, again another great party. For bigger parties fabric is always going to be a firm favourite of mine, and looking forward to seeing Adam Shelton and Subb-an of One records hosting Room 2 there in May so I will definitely be showing my support.

For more information, head over to the Dance For Decks Facebook page HERE.

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