September 10, 2013  

Free Plugin: Max for Live Modular Synth

Here at Point Blank, we’re always busy thinking of new ways to get more people excited about and involved in making electronic music. Either through our studios in the beating heart of East London, our world-famous online Ableton courses or via our Twitter, Facebook and YouTube channel, we’re always trying to give something back to our loyal community. One of the ways we’ve been whetting your appetite for all things music-making is with our exclusive and free Max for Live plugins! This series has already proved incredibly popular and we’re proud to announce our latest addition – Modular Synth!

Our expert tutor Daniel Herbert has designed and built this plug-in from scratch, exclusively for the Point Blank community. Watch the video below to get the lowdown on the how the new plugin works.

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Here’s what Daniel had to say about his new plug:

“The Point Blank modular synth is based on the legendary EMS VCS3. The VCS3 was built in London in the late ’60s and there were a number of subsequent models of varying sizes. It was a popular synth and used by the Radiophonic Workshop (the ring modulator was used to process the sound of the daleks) through to Pink Floyd. It’s a great synth to generate sounds and jam around with and the interface was really well thought out, featuring an innovative matrix which is still a neat way to patch the different synth sections together. It features three oscillators, a noise generator, a ring modulator, a couple of filter sections, audio input, envelope generator, spring reverb and an assignable joystick control – if you really wanted you could even hook up a keyboard! The Point Blank modular synth is a simpler interface, but still offers three oscillators and noise generator, a filter section, ring modulator and X/Y controller. Unlike the VCS3, it’s possible to store your settings, and trigger the sounds easily (and in tune!) from a MIDI source. We’ve also included a slide control to emulate the smooth sweeps you could sometimes achieve with the original synth.”

Click here to get the plugin for FREE

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