September 26, 2013  

PB Profile: Course Advisor Anwar Hamad

Here at Point Blank we take pride in being on the cutting-edge of music creation, culture and community. That’s why it’s vital our staff and tutors are actively involved in what’s going on in the music scene in London and all over the world. Not only does this put them in the best position to give our students the most relevant and contemporary advice, it also means when you enrol on a Point Blank course, you’re in the best possible position to network, collaborate and get your foot in the door of the music industry. We’re so proud of our team that we decided to showcase their achievements in a new series: PB Profiles.

First up is our Course Advisor Anwar Hamad. It’s his job to give potential students the best possible direction on what course is perfect for them, whether they’re looking to start DJing for the first time or are experienced producers looking to hone their musical skills. And he would know; not only has he played in some of the biggest clubs in the world, he’s also a former Point Blank student. He took some time out of his busy schedule to tell us more…

How did you start DJing?
“I used to work in the city as a Management Consultant for two years. During that time I co-founded and continued to run a night called Wall 2 Wall. We’ve been putting on parties for nearly two years, which have included parties at 93 Feet East, Crucifix Lane and a series of boat parties.”

What made you take a course at Point Blank?
“During my work as a consultant I entered the Carl Cox mix completion with my housemate and we were lucky enough to win the competition out of 900 entries – there were four winners in total – and the prize was to play in Space, Ibiza for the Carl Cox night which we did last year. That gave some inspiration to start producing, so I took some courses online at Point Blank, liked them so much that when I finished, I applied for a job here.”

Have you got any releases or gigs coming up?
“I’ve been working on my productions since I joined last December. My housemate Mike Bites and I just returned to Ibiza to play the Carl Cox Closing Party at Space on 24th September. It was amazing!”

Learn more about Anwar and co’s parties and events here, listen to their winning mix here and you can get in touch with Anwar directly here.

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