August 12, 2013  

Daily News: The Future of DJing: Outsourced to Robotic Intelligence?

Today’s top picks…

The Future of DJing: Outsourced to Robotic Intelligence? >> (DJ Tech Tools)
Could you ever picture a night out in your favorite nightclub where the DJ was replaced by robotic intelligence? Well, read this article to find out more…

Seth Troxler Opens Pop-Up Restaurant Just Round the Corner from Point Blank’s HQ >> (Mixmag)
Smokey Tails is the new pop-up restaurant from DJ Seth Troxler set in the heart of Hackney and specialises in BBQ’d food and frozen cocktails.

MPC in Your Pocket: iMPC Comes to iPhone >> (Create Digital Music)
Create Digital Music take an in-depth look at Akai’s iMPC app for the iPhone.

Interview: Chuck Michael on the Sound for Stoker >> (Designing Sound)
Sound designer Chuck Michael talks about how he managed to stick to his brief and the challenges he faced when working on the film Stoker.
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